Products & Services

The AMME offer comes in with 3 main products built around the first of them:

  1. a river barge, the floating warehouse acting as a goods delivery mobile platform
  2. electric vehicles / containers designed for goods deliveries in the city
  3. an information system to track the flow of goods in transit on board.

These products are sold or long-term leased to our customers who can benefit from financing solutions. Our customers can select the whole package (1 + 2 + 3) or pick the service they need most (1 or 2). The information system solution is not intended to be sold separately.

AMME products can be bundled with optional services completing the offer:

  • a fluvial navigation service
  • a maintenance contract for the floating warehouse
  • a surveillance contract for the floating warehouse
  • a maintenance service for land vehicles
  • an IT hosting service
  • an IT helpdesk

By selecting the full service package, customers entrust AMME to thoroughly operate the model on their behalf. This service encompasses the management and delivery of the flow of goods up to the end customers. This service is called « operating contract ».

The barge warehouse

This hybrid motorized barge meets the logistics functions of a city goods distribution center.

AMME barge warehouse is organized according to « vertical logistics » models. We work on the developed available space made of 3 decks thus optimizing logistics area to prepare delivery route, cargo loading and unloading as well as inbound and outbound vehicles.

AMME barge warehouse is intentionally of a small size (less than 40 m) and very compact (low draught and air draft) to give it greater agility and many essential arguments:

  • To increase its ability to access most points within a territory.
  • To offer the ability to sail on waterways built for small hulls (most numerous in Europe, especially in cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Brussels, Strasbourg …) and not to be blocked by locks.
  • To facilitate its ability to navigate whatever the structures (bridges, tunnels …), regardless of the variations of the rivers’ level (floods …), thus preventing any interruption of the distribution organization
  • To operate a lightweight barge which carries non ponderous goods requiring a much smaller and virtuous engine from an environmental standpoint and therefore an enhanced business model.

« Vehicles / light containers  » for goods distribution in the city

AMME electric vehicles / light containers’ design meet the « positive undersized » concept that can be defined as follows: the fact to downsize one or many logistical tools at some point in the supply chain has a positive impact on the entire supply chain in terms of productivity and / or costs.

The voluntarily limited cargo – 2m3 or 250 kg – of the electric vehicle / ultralight containers allows to optimize the fill rate (number of packages loaded in a specific volume) of the vehicle. They are small and lightweight to enhance their agility within the territory (traffic and parking).

The vehicle / cargo load weight ratio is a structural criterion of our production model and therefore economical. It impacts operational efficiency, energy consumption, maintenance costs etc. We are in the capacity to carry 5.3 kg of goods per 1 kg of vehicle whereas a traditional organization is carrying 0.5 kg of cargo per 1 kg of vehicle.

An AMME vehicle weighing 150 kg and operating a « milk run » distribution scheme can deliver up to 800 kg of goods per day. Comparatively, a delivery van weighing 1.5 T only delivers an average of 200 kg per day. Moreover, the latter must meet the usual standards of a car (speed, range, braking …) to commute the 15 or 30 km roundtrip from the warehouse to the city center. In short, delivery vans are really not ecofriendly designed to deliver goods in the city.

AMME productivity is higher thanks to an organization combining milk-run tours from its mobile floating warehouse. Each vehicle will realize between 3 and 5 rounds per day compared with 1 or 2 for a traditional organization.

An information system to track the flows of goods

Some customers such as transport operators have their own flows traceability tool. They can use it in conjunction with AMME distribution model.

Yet, for customers (shippers …) who by nature have no TMS (Tracking Management System) we offer a solution.

AMME provides flows integration services from either Web Services or EDI enabling a zero paper management and 100% traceability.

AMME TMS gives real-time visibility and detailed traceability of every parcel from pick-up to final delivery.

AMME has not developed its own software solution as mature TMS already exist on the market. Our methods do not require any specificity. Consequently, we selected and signed a partnership with a TMS operator in order to offer you a suitable solution.

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The AMME company was established in April 2016 to manufacture and market a warehouse barge (parcel delivery mobile platform) that promotes carbon-free transport in the city.


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