Markets & customers

AMME addresses needs of 4 different customer types:

  • carriers,
  • shippers,
  • communities,
  • utilities operators.

AMME will provide its customers with means to improve the distribution of goods in the city. If seriously interested by a very competitive delivery service that keeps pollution away, we have a solution for you!

  1. You are carrier and suffer from a strong regulatory and environmental pressure in addition to the traditional price pressure.We have the solution for you that includes a competitive model without breaking an extra load.
  2. You’re a shipper and your carriers do not offer solutions compatible with your CSR positioning.You want to go further in a competitive and innovative approach, you want to talk to your customers, you want to adapt to the city of tomorrow.Contact us, we will prepare a study that will consider your specific requirements in order to meet your competitive and carbon-free goals.
  3. You are a community and you want to actively intervene on the mobility of goods in your territory to make it more pleasant and breathable while keeping it very dynamic: discover our solution that decreases negative externalities (CO², Noise …) by a 4+ factor.
  4. You are a utilities operator to communities and want to extend your reach with them.Freight mobility is evolving as people’s mobility.It is necessary to optimize movements and to meet your customers’ expectations. Come work with us to find new sources of development for your expertise.

The European Union has made the health protection a legal element superior to any other thus allowing legislative or regulatory authorities to impose constraints that dominate all other regulations (eg, restricting free competition).

Do not wait to suffer from constraints – anticipate by transforming your organization for an increased competitiveness and a healthier living environment!


The AMME company was established in April 2016 to manufacture and market a warehouse barge (parcel delivery mobile platform) that promotes carbon-free transport in the city.


1, ruelle de Mauperthuis
91370 Verrières le Buisson – France
Phone:+33 (0)6 22 35 85 67